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JiangMen Ole Lighting Co,. LTD, formerly known as Jiangmen King Yin Lighting Co., has been offering the best supply chain solution in LED lighting industry for many foreign customers since 2000.

We have a talent team of R&D engineers, who brings out some of the most innovative and trend-setting lighting product to the market.

At OLE Lighting, quality is in our blood. Our production is setup by the best mind in the industry, to ensure timely production, with minimum waste and >0.5% defective rate. At the same time, our Quality Assurance team perform quarterly audit from time to time to ensure standard are maintained and process are strictly following in every step during the production.

At OLE Lighting, our exporting lighting products are certificated with ETL & UL or others required by the market. Customers can focus on what they do best, and leave the supply chain and product to us.

We have gained trust of many customers and established relationship with many distributors, wholesalers and resellers in North American, Europe, Middle East and South Asian. We work very hard to cooperate with customers in every aspect in their supply chain planning, from cost analysis, new product recommendation, packaging recommendation, to shipment arrangement. Free up time and effort of our customers so they can focus on what they do best at market research and development.

China is the lighting factory of the world and OLE Lighting is located right at the center of it. We have firsthand information on the latest style and trend, and we timely relay those information to our customer so they are always a step ahead of the competition.



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